A #runch and my Oiselle order!

Today has been a normal-ish day. I have been hammering though my "to-do" list, trying to get all of the work related things that are on it completed so I can move on to things that I consider to be more "fun." I have been making a good amount of progress so far, so I have to be pleased with myself. So I guess that makes it time to write my entry for the day?

I hammered out my run at lunch time. It seems difficult for me to get up in the morning on the day of my third run for the week (last week I ran at lunch on Friday - third run day) and I just end up with a runch (run+lunch) that day. But I got out there and I did it.

Pretty good pace too! It seems to be a more common thing for my afternoon runs. I think it is because I am more awake (and therefore able to move more quickly) then than at 4:35 when I get my morning runs in. Does that make sense?

I received my #secretsale order from Oiselle yesterday (violet rogas!) and this immediately happened to my new 2013 planner
I love love love this sticker. I also added the button that was in the box to my North Face (and YES, it is the North Face that every single college girl - at least while I was in college - wore with her Ugg boots. I didn't have a North Face or Ugg boots.) immediately and I smiled every time I caught sight of it today.

We have a date night later tonight with some friends!


  1. I wish I had time during lunch to go for a run! Seems like the perfect time. 30 minutes, if I am lucky, just isn't getting it done (people don't think teachers should eat). That is a solid run though! 4:35 is when I do morning runs too, and they are terrible.

    1. I don't MIND the 4:35 runs, I just don't seem to go as fast. Is that weird?

  2. Love the sticker! I had that North Face fleece + Ugg boot combo too. Haha.


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