A Ramblin' Rose

This morning I did my second round of my brand new Friday ritual (and third time this year!) - crosstraining but logging miles. As you will remember, my goal this year was to hammer out 1200 miles, running AND walking. So Fridays have quickly become walking days. I go to the gym, set the treadmill on the hill workout, and hammer out just over a 5K in the 45 minutes I am there. Glutes and hammies get a little workout, I add three more miles (much needed since this week was light due to sickness!) and I am in and out of the gym in 45 minutes.

Next we'll see if Monday strength training resumes next week! I have my fingers crossed for no illness, and therefore YES!

Yesterday was a HUGE success in the work department. I accomplished everything I had put on my list to get done, and then some. As a result, I am somewhat uncertain with what to do with myself today. So I am working on meal planning for next week, blog reading, getting the things done that I need to get done, etc.

By the way, I just (as in 10 minutes ago) learned that I am off of work on Monday for MLK Day. I have never gotten this day off before, not even while working here, and so I am super excited. Let's add something to the above Monday strength training. We are taking a 9:15 am spin class! Yes! (By "we" I just mean "me" in case you were wondering.) I have pretty much planned an entire day now, which I am pretty darn excited about.

Sorry for a rambling entry, but I wanted to get all of the mad-dashing thoughts down on "paper" while I was having them!


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