A Long Awaited Post? - ANNOUNCEMENT

All right. I have come out on twitter, I have come out on facebook, and now it is time to come out on the blog.

J and I are expecting. I am 13 weeks along today. The picture above we took and had prints made right before Christmas to give to our parents as Christmas gifts.

Since then, various other family members and friends have found out, and J decided that last Friday was the day to make a Facebook post about it. I am not overly thrilled about announcing it in that manner - its just not my thing - but it was important to him, so ... whatever!

I don't plan on doing weekly updates or pictures (as I have sucked at taking them so far), but occasionally I hope to throw one in there. I will let you guys know how I have been feeling, if I am still running (I hope so!), weight gained, and eventually, the sex of the baby and potential names. I am not secretive about the names that we like, because I feel so secure and comfortable with them right now, that I do not feel like they can be insulted.

Are you surprised? Do I seem like a mommy person? Haha. I am not sure yet myself!


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