A Blog Inspired Dinner

Now, I am not a food blogger, nor do I try to be (let's face it, I am LOUSY at carrying my camera around all the time). But when something of note is cooked, I feel like I should talk about it.

So J and I love Marco's Pizza. It is a favorite from our hometown, Toledo, that has recently began to expand their operations in Ohio (among other places) and now their are two locations within spitting distance (well, maybe not quite that close) of our house. It was the pizza that we had at my high school on Thursdays for a special lunch. It was the kind of pizza that you always had at parties and stuff when you were a kid. And I am thrilled to have it in the area.

J prefers his pizza with chicken, bacon and pineapple. I am not a huge fan of pineapple on pizza (or, in truth, pineapple) so I usually just get pineapple on half. But over the weekend he suggested that we try and MAKE chicken bacon pineapple pizza after a successful try with Trader Joe's pizza dough and our pizza stone. I decided I was up for the task, and purchased canned pineapple on my grocery trip. There is not a whole lot of value in buying fresh at this time of the year, for sure!

I also made the decision that I would for the first time ever, make pizza crust from scratch. Not only was this my first pizza crust, but it was my first time using yeast! I used Kath's (well, maybe it is really Matt's) recipe for whole wheat pizza dough. I used the toppings that were requested by J. (Minus pineapple for me!)
I am obscenely proud of that pizza. It was nice and brown on top, the toppings tasted spot on, and the crust was thin and perfect. It was so delicious. This is definitely something that J and I will be making again!


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