Saturday "Long" Run

This morning I got up to meet with the group for our usual Saturday morning jaunt. We are officially starting training for the Flying Pig next weekend, which seems crazy, but I am looking forward to it. I will not be running the full again this year, I am considering the half, or potentially the 3-Way Challenge. That is up in the air as of right now as well.

But I got up at 6:30 am, like I usually do on Saturdays before the group. I took care of the dogs and let them out, made myself a cup of coffee and sat on the couch to finish getting ready. I am working on becoming known in my group for my socks, and decided my new lime ProCompression socks would be good ones for this weekend. It was not supposed to be as cold today as it has been, so I went with crops.
So the socks + the crops? Definitely a fashion no-no, but I liked the outfit and it definitely made me stand out a bit, just like I like it!

We had about 10 people at group this morning. Some of the long time regulars (Andrew, John, Randy, and myself) some of the people who had been running with us since our run group meeting, and then a few people that I saw at the meeting and have not seen again since then. But today, they were there, so that was great. Brett and Karen were not there because Brett had a 30 mile run on his Goofy training plan. Karen was planning on meeting him pretty close to my house and joining him for several miles. They actually met right along one of my normal routes. She was with him for 5 super speedy miles, and then turned around and went back to her car getting in a total of 10 miles.

So it seems as though the Buckeye group is growing and changing and developing into the real group that we have always wanted it to be. We had 8 miles on our schedule today, and so we decided to run the same 8 mile route that we ran about three weeks ago. I think it was the week before I was in Vegas that we ran this one the last time. I mostly wound up running by myself. My goal was to run sub-9 minute miles for the whole time. I started out in the very back of the pack. The couple that I was least familiar with was in front of me, cruising along at about 8:15/miles. At least for the first mile. They must have started out way too fast though, because as I was crossing mile 2, I caught up with them.

I considered sticking with them, but realized that they were still slowing down. So I passed them and tried to keep with my goal pace. I was pretty successful. I ended up finishing the 8 miles in 1:09:45 for an 8:43/mile average pace. I was definitely pleased with this pace, and I felt easy and comfortable for the entire run. I am always super pleased when I can run at that pace it it feels effortless.

Did you have a long run today?


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