RnRLV Half Marathon: Race Recap

Okay, I have all of the photos from the race now, so I am going to get to my race recap. I am sure there is a chance that you have already read a recap or two from this race, although I have seen more from CIM than Vegas this year.

So, it was an afternoon race, everyone already knows that part. J and I spent Sunday doing nothing differently than we would normally spend a Sunday in Vegas. We got up early (since the noon football games are on at 9 am!) and headed to the Sports book at the hotel to place our NFL bets. Once again, even after losing on college football on Saturday, I trusted J's selections as a general rule, and made one suggestion of my own. Then we headed over to one of the hotel bars to hang out and watch football. At least the first game, probably staying for at least the beginning of the second game and then I could go get ready for the race.

I tested my stomach. Haha. I honestly felt comfortable eating at around 11 for my 4 pm race. I knew that as long as I had enough water and enough time to use the bathroom, I was going to be just fine. So I didn't worry about what I ate. We ate some wings, fries and pulled pork. It was delicious. Around 2 I headed up to the room to get ready for the race.
This was also the first half that I wore the Newtons for. I was initially a little nervous, but then I realized there was really no reason for that. I followed all the rules when getting used to wearing them, and I had not had any pain or anything in a really long time in my calves.
I was ready to race! I was wearing my procompression socks - neon yellow for high visibility at night, my Oiselle bum wrap running skirt (it was my first time wearing this, and I freaking LOVED it!), and I chose to represent Toledo on top with my GCM shirt (glass city marathon). As far as warmth, etc, I made a good choice. I ended up feeling really great.

Over to the starting line!

Corral 7 was where I was placed. When I registered I put in 1:55 as an estimated finish time. I knew that I could go under two hours, without needing to really push super hard, so I could still have a really enjoyable race. I was not planning on going for a PR, so I just had that simple goal.

It only took me 3.5 minutes to cross the starting line. I guess there are a few perks of being in corral number 7!
I don't have too many splits from the race at this point. I have not even looked at them. So here are some course pictures.

I finished the race in 1:59:18, so exactly what I wanted to do. I felt great and the temperature was perfect. The hardest part about the race was the fact that the wind was blowing HARD. There is honestly know way that I could have run harder than I did even if I had wanted to PR. It hurt.

But it was a wonderful race, and I would definitely run it again!


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