Just Beat Today

I have not been feeling well for a few days now. I am just wiped out. I am still getting in my regularly scheduled workouts, because that is what I do, but other than that, it has been slacker city. I go home and fall asleep on the couch most nights. I know that I have been spending some time trying to be productive, but on most days, it does not really work out all that well for me. Luckily, I am nearly done with all of my holiday projects, so it is ok at this point that I am so wiped out. I still have a little bit of wrapping to do, but other than that, things are going well.

I am always hopeful that by lunchtime I will begin to feel better, so I always bring my running stuff to work on the days when I sleep in, like a slacker. Today might be one of those days, and so we will see how it goes. Right now I am still not feeling well.

J is working late tonight as well though, so the evening could work as well. We'll see...

Sorry for the super lame post, but that is kind of what is going on.


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