First Night in Vegas - Pre-race

Sorry for the complete lack of updates while we were in Vegas. I did not bring a laptop with me, nor did I even read any blogs while I was gone. I was just enjoying my time away.

I obviously owe you a race recap from #stripatnight. It should be a good one. My race photos came out pretty awesome, which NEVER happens, so I might actually pay the ridiculous price for them.

J and I arrived in Vegas at a decent time on Friday night. Usually we don't get there until around 9, so there is very little going on - at least for non-clubbers like us - so we eat and hang out for a few hours, and then go to bed. But since we were there earlier this year, we had some time to actually GO somewhere for dinner and see what was going on.

This trip we were staying at the Excalibur, which is a new-to-me place. At least for staying, since we have spent every trip ever staying at Hooters. We stopped by there, checked in and dropped our stuff off in a flash, and were back out on the streets headed out for dinner.

We decided to hit up Diablo's Cantina.
I figured Mexican would be ok 2 days before the race. It should be out of my system by then. :) Walking down the strip was different than it normally was. Runners were in full force, testing out the night time running, I guess. I immediately felt a little bit jealous of them, all out there testing out their legs, etc. But I had planned to hang with the hubby.

We ordered some chips and salsa to start (don't ya hate fancy mexican places where they don't just GIVE you salsa?) while we perused the menu. We decided to each order something that looked good to us, but make sure to order different things so we could try different items. I ordered steak street tacos and J got a quesadilla. I thought both things were really delicious.
Me at dinner. I LIVE to be classy.

After dinner we decided to walk a little further down to the Flamingo. That was where J's mom was staying (she came to see his sister and I in the race!). He didn't even call her or anything. He was certain that we would find her at the Let it Ride table in her hotel. And what do ya know? He was correct! She was sitting there playing poker, and apparently had been for a really long time. I guess that is what she does when she goes to Vegas. That game. That's it.

So we hung out with her for a few minutes and made plans for Saturday to see each other for a while and then J and I walked back. Other than the wind, it was a beautiful night, so we decided to mostly walk outside on our way back to our end of the strip.
I could watch those fountains all day and night. I was really glad we caught them as we walked by. I hadn't seen them in 2 years, since J and I got engaged there and ate dinner in the Eiffel Tower restaurant, facing them. Nothing else all that special occurred on the way home, although we almost were blown away a few times, I think! Because we are super lame, we just headed to our room. We had only been in Vegas for three hours when this happened:
He is OUT!


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