Feeling Strong and Solid

So the last few days I have been eating what I might consider to be a very bizarre breakfast. However, I am enjoying it, it tastes good, and it is getting me to lunch, so that is a win in my book! I have been toasting an English muffin (Thomas, whole wheat) and topping it with cream cheese. No idea why I am digging this combination lately, but I am, so I am just going to enjoy it.

Yesterday, I was back on track. Up early and off to the gym. I knocked out 5 easy miles (8:58 pace) on the treadmill. I am really starting to get quite proud of myself that 9 min/miles is becoming an easy pace for me. I THINK this means when I am ready to train for another full marathon (not sure YET when this is coming) that my 4 hour or bust goal will be knocked out! At least, I am very hopeful.

Yesterday was a pretty normal day at work. We took Ryan (our co-op) out to lunch for his last day (it is not actually until the 28th-ish, but everyone's schedule is so busy between now and then that this is what worked). We went to Sammy's, which is a burger place that we can walk to from the office. It is a favorite of our team in general, so we all knew that Ryan would choose that. It was yummy, as usual, and it is always nice to get a company sponsored lunch out of the deal!

After work, I came home and did the following no equipment needed Crossfit workout.
It was a good quick one. And my arms felt strong so I was able to do full push-ups from my toes for all 50, which I was extra proud of.

What have you accomplished recently that you are particularly happy about? For me, it is my push-ups!


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