Christmas Family Dinner!

Last night was our friends Christmas dinner at Montgomery Inn. Everyone was there, which is very rare for us especially with some of our closest friends living in California. But even they are in town for the holidays so we got to hang out with them.

Kristy laid a surprise on us when she walked in though. No one has seen her since the summer and she was - surprise! - 20 weeks pregnant. It was very exciting to see her and Jim and hear their exciting news! They found out just last week that they are expecting a girl! That meant we had LOTS of pregnant girls at dinner last night. What Paige said on facebook afterward is definitely proving to be accurate. Your 20s are for weddings and your 30s are for babies. Our friends are doing a pretty good job of showing all of us that.

Leah asked Phil to use her iphone and take our picture with it. Oh silly Phil - this is what happened.
Jerky boys.

But we ended up with a nice one.
If I don't post over the weekend, have a wonderful one!


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