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Monday and Tuesday morning were pretty much dead days for me. The title is kind of because I was feeling out of sorts for several days early this week, and I am finally starting to feel more like myself again, thank goodness. I was completely wiped out and could not drag my butt out of bed to workout, which is something that I am kind of accustomed to. However, I had every intention of getting out there and getting some mileage in yesterday, so I brought all of my running clothes into the office.

By lunchtime I was starting to feel better and a little bit more awake so I got into my tights and headed out. I ran one of my favorite 6 mile routes, or at least that was the plan. About a mile and a half in, I decided that I was going to veer off the normal course and see where I ended up. There was a nature preserve and I could see a gravel path leading into the woods. And trail running has recently been on my "to-do" list for running, so why not, I decided?

It was not long before the path turned from gravel to matted down leaves. Luckily they looked like that had been walked or run all over, so you could  still make out the path even though there was no visible one anymore. I definitely slowed down for the mile (Mile 1.5-2.5) that I was down here. There were tons of hills, water, roots, and tree trunks. I hurdled some and just stepped over/climbed over others. I lost my way a few times and actually had to slow way down to try and find the path again to get out after a mile.
As you can see, my time took a little hit on mile 2 and a larger one on mile 3 due to the slowing down on the trails. But I managed to pull it back together after that and end up with a 9:25 average pace for the 6 miles, which I was proud of.
It was definitely cold out there and I had my hood and everything on while I was out.

So today all Rock-n-Roll marathons and half marathons are $20 off. I would LOVE to run two of them next year, but the problem is that I have no idea which ones could work for me right now. My schedule just feels way too up in the air right now to really plan anything.

Are you registering for RnR Races today?


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