A Rest Day (lame) and my TREE!

I took ANOTHER rest day yesterday. I know, I know, pretty lame. I felt lame as soon as I got up with the dogs, knowing that I was going to be getting ready for work instead of hitting the road or the elliptical. But I have been working hard to listen to my body more instead of forcing it out just to hit some random number goal for the year/week/month... I think that is probably important, considering how hard I have worked over the last year. I mean, trained for 2 marathons (ran one, ugh), ran 5 half marathons, a relay, etc. There has been an awful lot of running this year.

But this morning I am feeling better and I am ready to get back on the horse. I brought all of my cold weather running gear so I can hit the road at lunch time! I don't have a planned mileage for the day, but I am excited to get out there! I have my music, my garmin, and all of it ready to go!

When I got home last night I cooked our dinner right away. We were both already hungry. I had a Dream Dinners in the fridge, so that was the best/easiest thing.

This is penne with chicken and peanut sauce, which definitely gave the meal a Thai flavor. It was really delicious though, and one that I would definitely order again. Plus all I had to do was toss all of the ingredients in a pan and heat them up! J really liked it as well. And I think I could potentially mock up that sauce at home as well to use in my own dishes.

We decorated the tree last night. I mean, I had already done all of the lights and the garland on Sunday, but since J was around last night, we did the ornaments. I have SO MANY ornaments!
Hanging one on! (and yes, I definitely foresee myself LIVING in this neon fleece)
My beautiful completed tree! I am so proud of this silly thing. I am not even sure that you can tell much difference between this picture, where there are ornaments ON the tree, and the one that I posted yesterday (with NO ornaments) but trust me, this tree is STUFFED with ornaments.

Do you have a tree? Is it decorated?


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