A Really Busy Weekend

Sorry for the lack of blogging over the weekend. It was pretty much a non-stop, go go go weekend. I hate ones like that because I feel like I have not gotten any time for myself, but I suppose I accomplished a lot. So here is an update from the weekend.

On Saturday, I got up early as usual, and headed out for run group. We had just 6 miles on the agenda, and it was nice to be back from my "long run" in just 50 minutes. Only one week left until we officially start training for the Pig as a group. I guess I am looking forward to it, even though I have not yet decided if I am running in the pig. It always is pretty nice to have a real plan even when your plan is different.

After the group run, I showered and hung out with J for a few hours before we went over to his sister's house. There was a birthday party there for her oldest. We hung out there for a while and ate some pizza for dinner. I know that it is technically probably pretty crappy pizza, but I really enjoy Little Caesars. And their crazy bread is just delicious. So I always have to eat some of that. It ended up pretty much being my dinner even though it was late afternoon.

After that I went over to Bryan's house to frost cookies and make Buckeyes with he and Leah. Originally J was planning on coming with us, but he decided to stay home and work.
(Thanks Instagram for making my pictures look "art-y")

I threw the dough for those together on Friday morning and baked them on Friday evening. They turned out really delicious, even though it is the same recipe that I have always used. I am not sure what makes them so extra popular this year. The only difference was the recipe calls for 2.5 cups of flour. When I am baking something like this that others are going to enjoy, I do not try and healthy it up. I only had 2 cups of white flour though, so I used 1/2 cup whole wheat! Maybe that made the difference?

Sunday was even busier. J had plans with his cousin Chris. They were driving up to Cleveland for the Chiefs v. Browns game. (Spoiler: Chiefs lost - we were sad). I got up at 6 am when he did to take care of the dogs and get to work. I had big plans for the day and wanted to make sure that I got everything done that I needed to with J gone all day. I started by hauling the box with the lights for the tree out of the basement. I came upstairs then and worked on finishing our Christmas cards (I ran out, and I think I might have forgotten two people - oops!) And then I got the lights on the tree.

After that, I headed out to Mimi's Cafe to meet Stephanie and Karen for our Christmas brunch. We had planned a $15 gift exchange.
Super bright fleece from Steph
Runner girl tervis tumbler (my name is on the other side) from Karen.

After brunch, Karen and I headed up to the outlets. I was DETERMINED to finish my Christmas shopping. And I did. Yes!!!

When I finally got home (about 4 pm) I wrapped the purchases I had made plus a few other things, ate some dinner, and finished getting the garland on the tree. We are doing ornaments tonight.
It looks beautiful so far, but even better is what I accomplished yesterday!


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