Winged-it Workout

Are you glad the election is over? I am. Regardless of the results, I am ready to get on with my life. It feels like this has been a really long time coming.

So moving on...

Yesterday, being Tuesday is my usual first run of the week + CF.
My run ended up getting cut short yesterday, I was just not feeling very good while I was on the TM. I originally planned on a tempo tuesday run, but my big toe on my right foot was strangely giving me some pain. So when I stopped, I decided to do my CF workout, and then add a few more exercises on to it, so I added some more back and leg exercises. It ended up being a pretty good workout. Not sure what the deal is with my toe, but I have a sneaking suspicion that it is bruised. I wore flats on Monday. I hate wearing flats. I struggle to keep this pair on my feet, but the pair I have that is a half size smaller (and the exact same shoe except black instead of brown) is way too tight! So that is what I think happened.

I made chili for our dinner last night. Just kind of winged it, loosely based on a recipe that I found on sparkpeople. I browned some turkey in a pot and then threw in a bunch of other ingredients and let things simmer for about 40 minutes. Turned out delicious, and the hubs loved it! That = a win in my book (I think I am eating the leftovers for lunch! Double win!)

Tonight is date night!


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