Week 1 of Non-Training

So since I am not training for a big race (or a competition) right now, I am non-training. It is all I have talked about this week. But honestly, I am searching for that balance, so I think mixing things up and trying to get better at everything is going to be a really good way of improving and getting stronger.

So here is the list of the workouts of the week!
I honestly believe that this week is kind of the ideal for me for this "off season". I did a lot of strength training, I ran between 20 and 25 miles. I cross trained two days. I took today off. I think that is going to be the kind of workouts that will help me become a stronger, more fit girl, not to mention, faster. I did a tempo run as well as a speedwork session.

After talking to the Coach last Friday (Brett) I came to terms with the fact that 20-25 miles per week was a great place to stay. So that is kind of my goal from here until I start officially training for a marathon again. I just am not sure when that will be yet. I want it to be RIGHT NOW, but I also know that it is not the right time to choose another marathon. Its just... not... right now, which makes me feel a little bit sad.

I know, I am sure of you all hearing me whine about my non-marathoning. I am sorry, but it is just on my mind a lot lately. It is just kind of what I have been spending my time thinking about because I feel like it has given me a lack of focus. I am sure that if you look at the week of workouts above, you might not necessarily see a lack of focus, and I suppose I have to agree with that in a lot of ways. I mean, I was extremely "productive" with my workouts this week. I met all of my nontraining non goals.

I need to refind the real focus though. Whatever that is...  But for now, I will continue to stick with what I have, I suppose.


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