Time to get ready for the Holidays!

Now that it is already November, J and I need to get to work on our Christmas cards. Here are the photos we are considering.
The pups.
Mexican Coffee + Sombreros (#winning)
A kind of nice one...

Or do we use all three photos? The dog one here is instagrammed but I have the original one and it is nice looking, I mean, they are snuggling and how often does that happen (I will give you a clue - never!) The choice is between two or three photos and those are the finalists. Which would you use?

Like I mentioned in yesterday's entry, I am struggling with my big toe. No clue what is going on there (still suspect the flats though!) but I still wanted to hammer out 4 miles yesterday. That was the goal. No speedwork or anything, just 4 easy miles.

I was actually struggling. The toe hurt a little, but not so much to make me stop running or anything, but I was struggling with the lungs. My chest felt pretty tight, which is something that I have not felt in a long time - unless I have been doing speedwork. I managed to get through the 4 miles and actually had to sit down afterward. It was bizarre! I only averaged 9:13/mile which is a pretty standard pace for me when I am not pushing these days. Ridiculous.
I also hammered out a little CF when I got home, found again from a Crossfit at home site. I am LOVING these even though there are not as complete of a workout as I would get at a box (no warmup or skill practice, just the WOD). They are still getting me some work on things that I would be slacking at otherwise! So I guess I have to consider it a win!


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