Sunday Afternoon Football!

J and I woke up early on Sunday morning. I honestly wanted to head out for a run (typical Emily) but knew better than to try and navigate an unfamiliar neighborhood when we had some time constraints. So instead I hopped in the shower and dressed in my Chiefs gear (I wore this jacket on top of my Dexter McCluster jersey). I knew that I was going to be the only one in my Chiefs gear (at least in our group) as the fans were having a blackout to protest the GM.
We loaded up the car, making sure we left room for the grills and stuff that we were picking up at the next house and hit the road. We stopped and picked up another one of Tim and J's golfing buddies (these are the guys he golfs with on a long intoxicated weekend in April), Steve, and his grills. He is the tailgate chef and will not let ANYONE take his job! We met up with the rest of the crew to consolidate cars in an empty parking lot, and headed to the stadium.

The guys were all talking about how sad it was, there was hardly anyone in a usually PACKED parking lot when we arrived, and how terrible the team was. I was sad right away, because when I find a team that I care about, I stick with them, no matter what! Perfect example? The 2002 Detroit Tigers. They lost 107 games, and I was in the house for 50 games despite their terrible record.
These guys I am sure will stick with the Chiefs too, but they were being so negative about them having a bad season and it was making me feel sad.

During the tailgate, Jason went to the bathroom at one point, and one of the guys, Doc, asked me about running. I told him what happened at the C-bus marathon and how disappointed I was. He is a sports medicine chiropractor, and he immediately asked me what it felt like and what happened. We chatted about it for a minute, and eventually he had me lay down in the bed of his truck and he worked on my hamstring and hip flexor a lot and really gave me some tips. He recommended that I see one sometimes, maybe just 3-4 times per year for a "tune-up". So I have been researching them and he is helping me find some good ones.

The game was sad, pathetic a little.
(However, the panorama feature on the iphone5 is pretty sweet!)
We ended up leaving after the 3rd quarter and hanging out in the parking lot again. I hope the Chiefs win at least 1 more game...


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