#StripAtNight - ready to go!

Today is the final day of NoJoMo, and I am writing. So although when we were in KC, my entries were kind of short (and written on my iPhone), I still wrote, every single day. I really like this challenge as it encourages me to be a better blogger, which also encourages me to keep better track of myself and my life.

Today, J and I leave for our annual (at least for the 4 years that we have been together) LAS VEGAS VACATION. This time, we are there about a month later than we typically are, and that is for one reason alone:
I registered for this race back in June, the day that early registration opened. I had been wanting to run it ever since last year when my cousin Jill ran the half and her husband Basil ran the full. Well, I have been wanted to run it every since I found out that they were running. I even considered coming back out there a month later if I could somehow get a bib (even though I was fresh out of my boot and had never run more than 9 miles at the time) but that did not happen. So, needless to say, I am super excited to run this race!

We don't really have anything specific planned for this trip with the exception of the race and race expo. I know J will want to watch the Chiefs on Sunday. And that is fine, I just will be watching without beer and greasy foods to try and keep the tummy calm to race in the late afternoon! Not sure when we will be seeing my aunt and uncle either, but we definitely need to figure that out and make some time!

Last night the dogs were not at home, so going to the gym to crosstrain without Teek waking me up first was really weird. I missed her "wake-up" kisses. She and Zeus are both at our friend Becky's house where they are staying while we are gone.

Any "must-do" activities for Vegas regulars?


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