Sick and Taking it Easy

The cold is finally starting to feel a little better. I can breathe through my nose a little bit now, which I am taking as a win!

Yesterday I decided to sleep in instead of hitting the gym early in the morning. I had been struggling to stay awake in a company meeting on Tuesday, seriously. So I figured a little sleep would be good, and I could get my workout in later on. Teek typically has none of that. She is ready for me to get up and get out of bed so she can have her man, J, all to herself. Seriously, I am pretty sure that Teek thinks that J is her boyfriend. That's ok though, I guess. After all, this is my pride and joy:
Awe, Zeus-er... :)

Work yesterday was a pretty standard day, other than it just seemed to drag on and on. I don't know what about yesterday made it seem so long, but it was. I was more than ready to go by 3 pm, but I kept on working and chugging through my to-do list, until 5.

When I got home I took the dogs out and got them fed before getting into my indoor running gear (read: shorts and a tank - NOT appropriate for outside running right now) to hit the treadmill. Because I have been so tired, I didn't want to push myself too hard, so I figured the treadmill which could control my pace was a good thing.

As I was running I kept making up different rules which was extending the time I was running. You have to run for this many minutes, or you have to run this far, etc. Regardless, I convinced myself that I was done after 3.26 miles. Not sure how that happened or anything, but I got off the treadmill and went downstairs to check on my pups and do a little quick at home WOD.

3 rounds
15 kb swings
15 squats
15 push ups
15 superman (back extension)

Not bad at all, and it felt pretty good, kept my arms working pretty hard. I am already noticing small differences in my legs since I started lifting again, which I am proud of. Running can't do everything for your legs, I am seeing that now!

Hopefully next week I can be back to speedwork!


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