Saturday In KC

Our trip to Kansas City was a pretty good one. It was definitely too short. And coming home kind of sucked, but I suppose that is part of travel. Right?

We left right after J got home from work on Friday. We ended up on the road at about 3:30 pm. Our plan was to get to just west of St. Louis before going to bed. I had made a reservation at the Courtyard Marriott Westport, which is one that we stayed at once before on our way to Kansas City.

Westport is where the Ozzie Smith restaurant is, and it is also where Albert Pujols had his restaurant. Of course, Albert left St. Louis before this past season. Since then, the restaurant has changed names three times. The idea of Westport seems to be a lot like Newport on the Levee in Northern Kentucky. A couple of restaurants/bars, maybe a movie theater... When we arrived, we decided that we were going to give the former Pujols a try for our dinner. It was called Patrick's and was still a sports bar.

J has high standards for places that serve wings and beers and show games. I mean, let's be honest, it should not be that difficult to do that. When we walked in and noticed that 2 TVs were not working, plus there was only like 8 other people in that big place, J's opinion definitely started forming right away. I try not to think about things like that, to be honest. We ordered a few beers and an appetizer. The appetizer was pretty good, a toasted ravioli with a marinara. I enjoyed it. We ordered our meals then. I ordered a burger with bbq sauce, bleu cheese, and bacon. It was well prepared, I thought, juicy and cooked to the temperature that I requested (medium, so just a little bit pink!) J ordered a prime rib sandwich with no peppers (they come with peppers and onions, but he wanted only onions). They put neither of those things on there. No peppers (good!) no onions (bad!) and he said that the meat was mostly fat and not well cooked. So that was a major bummer.

I would say overall, we had a pretty neutral experience at Patrick's. We were ready to get back to the hotel and go to bed though. We knew we would be having an early morning to head on to KC to see Tim!

The next morning we were up before our alarm, but we had gotten around 10 hours of sleep. It was great. I think that we struggle with sleep when we are at home a lot. Between the Teek deciding when we should sleep and be awake, plus J and I not completely being on the same sleep schedule (read: he is up yelling at the TV during a football game while I am trying to get to sleep) does bad things to our sleeping. But this night we were both out fairly quickly and got a pretty solid nights sleep. We packed up the car and hit the road for 4 more hours of travel.

We arrived at Tim's house at just a little bit after noon. We saw a lot of folks traveling west just like us but they were going to Columbia for the Mizzou game. When we got there, Tim gave us a quick rundown of the plan for the day. We were going to go to a couple of sports shops to stock up on our Chiefs gear, then we were going to pick up Aunt Debbie at home and go meet Brooke and Laura (two of Tim's three daughters) for lunch and viewing the Ohio State game.

We stayed at the bar all afternoon. I have to admit, I was bored. I was not really drinking that much, and that definitely makes sitting around in a bar a bit more boring. 6 hours later (*sigh*) we finally went home. Sleep had to happen fast because we were leaving at 7:30 the next morning to go to our tailgate!


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