Off Season Run Group?

I know that pretty much every blogger out here yesterday and today is talking about the NYC Marathon and what do you think about their last minute cancelling, etc, etc, and honestly, I am not sure yet how I feel about it. I know without a doubt I would feel differently, more strongly if 1. I lived in NYC or 2. I was running, but I do still have opinions on it right now, I just have not found the words to describe them yet. I know that it is going to be difficult to get refunds if you have flights or hotels, I am not sure how it will go, allowing all of the individuals who qualified to run this year and will not next year or if deferrals will be allowed, etc. I am sure all of these things will become more clear to me and everyone else in the week's to come. It sounded like as of right now, it is postponed.

I am up now, drinking my coffee and trying to decide if I am going to go to run group or not. I am going to run today, I am going to run the 8 miles that the group has scheduled. But J and I have something going on in the later morning, and I want to make sure that I am home in time to leave and he isn't freaking out wondering when I am going to get here.

We had a run group meeting on Monday night, kind of discussing what our plans were going to be for the next year since we are trying to grow our group. It was a good meeting, and Brett did a pretty good job leading it. Because we are a free run group, we have never had pace groups or anything like that, and unfortunately, we think that has potentially made some people leave our group. I have always stuck with them, even on days when I was running solo because I know these guys now, but in general, our two group coaches have always been really fast, and sticking with the group that is fast. I am not fast, I am somewhere in the middle, I think. But now they want people to be committed to running with certain groups. I did not sign up to be a pace coach, although I did consider it. I am still considering it right now, but nothing is for sure.

I just don't want to commit to running a slower pace, the one that I know that I can maintain, rather than working hard every week to try and get faster, you know? That is why I am hesitating. But I am one of the original group members, training with them for the Pig last spring, right when we first started, and that leaves me feeling a little bit committed to being a leader.

Have you ever been a pace coach? Would you want to be?


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