My Costume!

So yesterday was Halloween. We were allowed to wear costumes to work, and as a reformed theater kid (which to me, basically means I am still a theater kid somewhere inside, but it has been so long since I have done a show (3 years!) that I have forgotten a lot about it) I, of course, wore a costume.
Snow, obviously. She is my favorite. I found the "prop" in my lunch bag. Hehe. I was pretty pleased with my guts to come into work wearing this dress. I did not leave it on for trick or treat later though. It was way too cold for that! For trick or treat I stayed outside until 7:30...  we didn't have any more kids after that. I was bundled up in my running tights, two fleece jackets, a hat with ear cover things, gloves, wrapped up in a blanket, and I had my pumpkin beer for artificial warmth (it got a lot of comments from the dads, and made me wish we had some bud light or something in cans to give to the dads for their own trick or treat! maybe next year).

I considered dressing up as a runner, but decided since I dress like that every day, I should do SOMETHING different.

I had 45 trick-or-treaters last night. I am not sure if that is good or bad. It did not seem a whole lot different than 2 years ago when J and I handed out candy. It was drizzling on and off the entire time, not to mention how cold it was! When I talked to my mom later on, she told me she had 625 kids! Isn't that amazing? Did anyone out there have more kids than my mom?

Yesterday's workouts were pretty straightforward and simple. I was just planning on an easy run in the morning, and my CF workout in the afternoon, post work, pre trick or treat.
(Like my Halloween colors & font? Oh yeah!)

My not a training plan-training plan is going ok so far. I still feel a little bit lost around it. I know I am doing plenty, but I still feel confused about it. Any advice?


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