Maybe I SHOULD have Stayed in Bed!

All righty. In my mission to get 100 miles this month, I have been trying to run just 4 days per week. And my weekend long runs have been around 8 miles, with the exception of the Mason Half. I am very close to that goal right now (after this morning's run, I have less than 4 miles to go!) Because I was so close, however, I contemplated skipping the gym this morning. I honestly wanted to run outside, but skipped that because I do not have ANY reflective/safety gear for cold weather (and didn't think of wearing my hot pink or lime green shirt OVER my cold stuff - will remember that tomorrow!) and I was feeling kind of scared about running alone in the dark. No, this has NEVER stopped me previously, but I have seen a few things recently (and had a few weird dreams) and so I figured I would rather be safe than sorry.

But when I woke up before 4 am and could not manage to will myself back to sleep, I knew that heading in for the gym and a date with the treadmill was the right decision. I got up and dressed and headed out the door.

I drove to the gym and turned off the car. This is what I do every morning because the gym does not open until 5, and I just hang out and listen to the radio until I see the girl who is working come and open the door. I must have been extra distracted though. I got out of the car, hit the lock button on the door, shut the door, and immediately realized... my keys are still in the ignition. My phone is also in the console, so no calls for me!

I am not sure if I mentioned this previously, but after being  at home for the holiday with my family, I left my key ring (with my car key, house keys, and gym badge) at my mom's house. So I am already onto my spare set (and they have to manually log me in at the gym every day since I don't have a badge to swipe). And now those are locked into the car, so it is not like I can call J or something.

I went inside and talked to the girl at the desk. She was very kind, and helped me call the Sycamore Township police (apparently they do not actually have their own police force, so it ended up being the Hamilton Cty Sheriff's department) and one of the deputies came and rescued me. He had no trouble getting into my car and getting the keys out, but his ease definitely makes you nervous for criminals breaking in!

By that time, I only had 25 minutes left before I needed to go home, so I got on the treadmill and hammered out what I had time for. I hope there is time for more running later?


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