Mason Half Marathon Race Report

So yesterday I ran another half marathon. It was my 5th half of 2012, in fact, it was my 5th half ever. It just reminds me of how I have not been doing this for long at all, and that I definitely can (and should) count my blessings instead of continuing to be angry at myself over what happened in Columbus (PS I am extra upset because I have been so strong and solid these last few weeks). Pretty much the whole crew from Buckeye was either running the half or the 5K, so we were all pretty excited about it. Karen and I had spent the entire week talking about it and plotting it out.

I chose to use this race as my virtual race for Hurricane Sandy Relief that Kara and Lora were putting on. I signed up for this as soon as I read about it, and knew that this half was going to be the one that I used for my virtual racing debut.
That is the bib I received via email for this race. Even though I did not wear it, it is a bib that I like and that I am proud of.

I went in to the race assuming that I was not going to race it, I was just going to take it as a nice slow and steady training run. I was injured, I had a few pretty rough runs over the week, etc, so I was not going to go out there and push myself this time. I knew that I was capable of running under 2 hours without too much effort, so I was just going to settle for that.

I was scheduled to meet Karen at 7:30 in the parking lot. It was cold early yesterday (it was about 35* when I got there) but we knew it was going to warm up fast so we came prepared. But it was cold when I got there!
Fleece for the moment. NOT happy about getting out of my car and leaving it there!

We found the rest of our group from Buckeye and lined up at the start. It had already warmed up a few degrees by then, so I was feeling a bit better about my wardrobe choices (and silently laughing at those in tights!) after the National Anthem, we were off!

Mile 1 - 8:44
Mile 2 - 9:03
Mile 3 - 8:53
Mile 4 - 8:55
Mile 5 - 8:43

As you can see from those early paces, I was not just "taking it easy" but in reality, I felt pretty good. I knew these streets in Mason so well from all of the training that we have done there since last January, I know every turn, every incline and decline. I am familiar with the parks, the traffic lights, everything. And that was making this run easy.
Not terrible hills, but looking at the elevation makes them look rougher than they actually were! There was really only 1 hill during this race that I felt made a difference. And we ran up it twice.

Mile 6 - 8:48
Mile 7 - 8:36
Mile 8 - 8:45
Mile 9 - 8:49
Mile 10 - 8:35
Mile 11 - 8:15
Mile 12 - 8:17
Mile 13 - 8:22
Mile 0.18 (per garmin) - 1:14

Half Marathon #5 clocked in at 1:53:59 both via my garmin AND via the actual results. They had one of those machines there where you could go and type in your bib number and it would spit out your results. This is absolutely a half marathon PR for me, and I am THRILLED about it!

I think it might be because of my new socks I wore.


  1. Way to PR!! So exciting!!

  2. Yay for the PR, congrats! I love the bright socks too. I keep thinking about getting those ones (not sure if they are even in stock anymore.)

    1. I LOVE those socks. I seriously want them in every color. J loves them as well (maybe not the bright yellow, but his own red ones).


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