Lots of #running

Yowzers, yesterday was one heck of a day. I made a list of things that I needed to get done at work, as well as home things to get done. We are leaving for Kansas City this afternoon, and so I definitely needed to get everything done so I could leave work early around noon.

I woke up and forced myself to the gym. I really have a goal to get 20 miles at least per week, even though it is non-training for me. And with only getting 3 miles on Wednesday, I wanted to get 5 miles Thursday. I also know that J will really not want me to run when we are travelling (it will bug him I think!), I want to get through all 20 miles before we leave today!

Here are the workouts of the day:
So yes, I pulled off getting in quite a few extra miles yesterday. I also hunted through that crossfit blog to find a workout that would not have any running and would be fairly easy to do at home. And the one I ended up doing is one that I found there. It was perfect. My squats are definitely getting stronger, so I will have to start doing these in the gym soon to have more weight.

I guess when the time comes for that I will have to refigure out how to work my schedule. I kind of have things perfected right now, and it is working well and I am fitting everything in as I want to right now.

And for now, I will leave you with that, because I have a lot to do today before I can leave the office to head to KC! GO CHIEFS!


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