Good Form Running Clinic

So last night I went to a Good Form Running clinic at my local Fleet Feet Sports.
Good form running started out small from modest roots in Michigan. It was an attempt to run more effectively with less injuries, like ALL of the recent discussion around minimalist running and the midfoot strike. It is now sponsored by New Balance, and you can be trained to teach the other people how to do it, and my Fleet Feet is one of the stores that offers workshops. Recently, they have been around every 2 weeks.
Above is Ricky, he is the certified Good Form Running coach in my local store, and he is the one who led the workshop that I was fortunate enough to attend last night. I have seen Ricky in the store many of the times that I have been in there over the past three years.

Good Form Running has 4 separate elements that we spent some time going over. Hopefully with this in my mind fresh, I will be able to use it to improve my running form and continue in my running development. I don't have any race goals currently, so I think I will be using some of what I learned yesterday to try and become a better runner (since that is my overall goal for this raceless time).

The Elements
1. Posture
2. Midfoot
3. Cadence
4. Lean

These elements we spent some time going over. We started by doing them one at a time (including jogging in place with a metronome to work on our cadence!) and then putting everything together at the end. In addition Ricky filmed each of us just running down the sidewalk. We went through the film of each of us, frame by frame, and he pointed out the good things that we had in our form, and suggested the element that we had the most work to do on. For me, it was cadence because if I quicken it a little bit, I will likely move away from my heel strike.

You can learn more about Good Form Running here.


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