Fartleks FTW

Oh WOW! Yesterday was the first of November which means another year of NoJoMo is upon us. I am participating, as usual. But I completely forgot that it was time for this yesterday when I wrote, so I didn't really make note of it. I might not again, but I am going for it again this year!

Yesterday, I was feeling kind of wiped when my alarm went off at 4:35. I had every intention of dragging my butt to the track for my workout on Thursday. I had nonscheduled scheduled myself 800s for my workout. 6 of them, with a 400 recovery. Throw in a warm up and a cool down and I was going to be running 5.75 miles. And getting faster. (Fingers crossed for that "getting faster" part) But when the alarm went off and I was beat, I reset it for 6 and rolled over, back to sleep.

I still wanted to get a run in though, so I packed all of my running gear with plans to go out at lunchtime. But no track meant no 800s. So instead of throwing in the towel on my speedwork, I decided to do it anyway. Insert my Fartlek workout. I warmed up for a mile, then ran 2 mins on, 2 mins off seven times, then cooled down until I got to 5 miles total. Here are the splits via my garmin:
I would like to get to the point where all my splits are at that 7:28-ish pace. But this was just a practice, I think. I am not very experienced at running like this, so I was just giving a new workout a whirl. I hope to improve on those times the next time I do a fartlek workout for sure!

I did the CF WOD yesterday, but it isn't really worth posting about this time. It was a good one and it felt pretty good, I am definitely starting to feel a little stronger already. We'll have to see if I do the one from today or not. There is running in it, and I have pretty much already run my allotted miles for the week. It is less than a mile total, so I am considering it.

My dad is coming to visit us tonight, so I am looking forward to seeing him again this weekend! No official plans as of now, but I excited that he is here again!


  1. haha, I love the term 'nonscheduled scheduled' because I totally do that too. :) Farleks can be super fun.

    1. Well, it's like, I am not training for a race right now, so I do not have anything specific that I HAVE to do... it's weird.


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