East Side Turkey Trot 2012: Race Recap

I guess the easiest place to start with regards to this race is with this:

Female 25 to 29
 Place Name City Age Overall Total Time Pace
 1 Emily Nickles Blue Ash OH 29 86 22:35 7:17/M

Oh yes. First place, age 25-29. I waited all day yesterday to see that proof. I knew that I was likely close to that. But we did not stay at the Y long enough to see for certain how things were turning out for prizes!


Going in to the race, I had a pretty good idea that I could PR. After all, I had not raced a 5K since summer of 2011, so more than a year. The only 5Ks that I did after that were the ones that I did right after I got out of the boot, so I had no interest in racing exactly. You know? So my PR for a 5K prior to yesterday was 26:27 or something. I figured I could definitely go under 25, and my BIG goal would be under 24. I even kind of thought I had a shot at the big goal, but I was also trying to not set myself up for any kind of disappointment.

My Uncle Joe (my godfather) was running (I paid for his race entry as a Christmas gift from LAST year - took him a while to cash it in!) and my mom and Aunt Teresa were walking. My cousin Tim and his girlfriend were also running. It was Stephanie's first ever 5K and her goal was to run the whole thing!
The race was starting at a YMCA in East Toledo (hence, East Side Turkey Trot), so parking was plentiful, and they had things all set up in the gym at the Y so we did not have to sit outside in the cold. It was not terrible yesterday, but just standing around would have gotten chilly, I think.

At 10 minutes to 9, we all went outside and lined up at the start. I told my mom and Aunt Teresa that I would see them at the end. I did not know what to expect of Toledo, but I lined myself up toward the front to be safe. At precisely 9 am, the gun went off. I did not have my garmin with me (accidentally left it at home in Cincinnati instead of bringing it to Toledo) so I knew I was just going to have to run and hope for the best.

I crossed the first mile marker around 6:54. That is the fastest mile that I am aware of ever running. I have not ever run a timed mile (I should do that sometime), so to see 6:xx on the clock blew my mind. The course was flat and I kept passing others which helped me to feel confident even though I was fairly certain I had not kept up the same pace as the first mile. When I turned the corner to head back up to the Y (the finish was right in front of the building) I could see the clock at the finish line. I had not seen the time since the first mile.

It was early 22s. I knew that if I hammered the run home, I could definitely finish in under 23 minutes. So I tried to kick it in, but I am not sure that I actually got any faster at that point. But I tried, and as you can see from above, I made it. And was successful in my BIG goal (and then some) plus top time in my age group? That is pretty awesome.


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