Christmas Success & a RACE

Christmas shopping was pretty successful yesterday. I think I finished J up yesterday. Well, I still need to pick up one thing, but it is ordered. And then stocking stuffers and he is all set. So I guess it was successful, even though Karen likely had better luck than I did. But I had a better trip than her when we went to the outlets.

Other than finishing J's shopping, I got Tommy (my boss) finished, I got a little something for my mom, which is normal even though we are doing a siblings gift for her. I browsed a few stores trying to come up with ideas for my MIL, but no dice. Seriously. Does any one have Christmas gift suggestions for their mother in law that they have very little in common with? J is no help with this, trust me, and I even asked Angel and she has no idea right now either!

I did however get a Christmas party/New Years Eve dress.
White House Black Market

Omg, it is so cute! The dress is lace. I love love love it. Granted, I spent more money on it than I probably should have spent on a dress today, but ehh...  it is a really cute dress.

Yesterday's workouts were pretty good. They were strong workouts, I think. I was up early in the morning to hammer out 45 minutes on the elliptical. I definitely am working to do different things and get stronger right now, I know that is the most important thing for me right now. Since I am not sure yet what my next plan is, getting stronger, mentally and physically is definitely going to help me out when the time comes to hammer out the next marathon.

I also completed an at-home, no equipment CrossFit workout that I found online.
It was a pretty good one, and I always feel like I have had an effective workout when push ups are involved.  So Monday was right on plan for my non-training-training. I am running a half this weekend (I am going with running versus "racing" because I am not sure that I want to race) with the Buckeye running team, and I think it will be pretty fun. It is all streets that I am very familiar with, so I am looking forward to it. But as a result my mileage will not be QUITE as high during the week this week since I like to get 20-25 miles in a week. I don't need as much mileage during the week.

DON'T FORGET TO VOTE TODAY if you live in the US!


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