Beginning of the Christmas Decorating!

Yesterday was kind of a rough day for this girl. J and I planned a party for the OSU v. Michigan football game at our favorite bar. Now, no one actually CAME to our party except for Bryan and Leah, but it was pretty good anyway.
I took this picture from J who is actually using it as the wallpaper on his iphone right now! He loves those "O" gloves.

It was a really big game since it was pretty much the Buckeyes bowl game or Big 10 championship game since they are bowl banned for the year. Granted, this is always a big game, but this year I think it had special meaning to the team since they were playing in their final game of the year. With a big win by the Bucks, J was a happy guy for the majority of the day. It was a rough day only because of the beers consumed. A lot of them. At least some of them were Christmas Ale, because I love that stuff!

This morning so far I have started to decorate my house for the holiday. Things are looking pretty good so far!
 My nativity - LOVES
 My Santa Claus collection. I have been collecting Santas since I was about 6 years old. I have not gotten a new one for several years, but I am always on the lookout for something that I might like!
My Hallmark mini tree!


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