A Visit to the Foot Doctor

Today was day 3 of waking up congested. Lucky for me it is STILL all in my head (versus my chest) so working out is still ok. At least, I think so.

Yesterday I got up and hit the treadmill. I wanted to cover 5 miles because I know that I am not going to be getting in too many miles over the weekend. J might be upset if I am trying to get in a run on our weekend trip. We are going to KC for the Chiefs game and to see Tim.

So 5 easy miles on the treadmill. That was what I wanted to accomplish. And I did. I originally was not planning on messing with the speed at all, but then I kind of got bored of it and started playing around. Not going fast in any way, but just not sticking to 1 consistent pace. I ended up finishing my 5 miles at an average pace of 9:18. Perfect for a planned easy run.

So I am trying this new thing. It is called "get dressed for work." I have been living in jeans and tee shirts at work for months now, and I never get out any of my dress clothes, so this week I am trying it. I own lots of dress pants from Ann Taylor (read: not cheap) and feel like I should be making more of an effort to get some wear out of them (this is me justifying the fact that I took none of them to goodwill when we cleaned out our closet this weekend. Not to mention the fact that I have a closet full of very cute dressy shoes as well. I should really work to get more use out of all of these things.

So on Monday morning, I selected a pair of slacks, a pair of heels (nude, round toe, very cute and Kate Middleton-like), a dress top, earrings and necklace (the pearls I got from hubby for christmas last year!). I wore my hair down and brushed it. This was a pretty big deal to me. I came into work, for once looking like I was "dressing for the job I want".

After being at work for around 20 minutes, a calendar reminder popped up on my screen reminding me that I had an appointment with Dr. Brarens (my podiatrist) in 15 minutes. Luckily his office is very close to my office so there was definitely no issues getting there on time.

I think he is kinda handsome? Don't you? Mid-late 30s, runner, foot doctor... I mean, it could be worse...


Anyway, as I was headed out to my car to get to the appointment, I realized - oh Em, you are an idiot! I was wearing my heels (big no no says foot doctors), I didn't even HAVE my orthotics with me which is why I go to him in the first place. He makes my orthotics! So I was headed over there to spend whatever money a doctor's appointment costs, and I didn't even have the things he is supposed to look at and take care of for me. And I was committing a major foot sin by wearing my stilettos.

Hopefully he could forgive me and give me a magic foot rub just to show me that he cares.

When I walked in to the room where I see the doctor, he immediately gave me crap about my shoes and not having my orthotics with me even. But he raised up the chair and took a look at my feet anyway. He even gave me that foot rub that I was hoping for. He actually ended up doing that because of a nodule in my left arch that he wanted to work out. He was afraid it was bothering me. It wasn't, but I am glad to let a handsome doctor rub my feet!

Since then I have been working the nodule with a golf ball under my bare feet. I did it for about 10 minutes yesterday and will be doing it again today shortly. I guess anything I can do to help these kicks remain strong and happy!

Do you wear orthotics or insoles?


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