A Quick Adjustment - No Go.

After all of the excitement of yesterday, I think things finally settled down after the gym.

I went to the chiropractor in the morning. I was armed with lots of tips from my trip to Kansas City and my random parking lot neck adjustment (which scared the crap out of the Bengals fans sitting next to us!) so I felt reasonably prepared for what I was going to face when I got there. I entered the waiting room (it was huge with multiple offices because this chiropractor was located inside Beacon Orthopedics. So there was physical therapy offices, a surgery center, this chiropractor, everything! This guy works on some local high school and college football teams and the Cincinnati Reds! So I figured working on athletes, he was a good match.
I filled out a quick new patient form (normal name/address type things) and also a form about me. I need to mark where my pain was, how my pain levels were, etc. Now, I am not in pain all the time. That is not my thing. I just wanted a quick tune up, as well as maybe someone to stretch out my insanely tight hamstrings (since Doc said that is what likely caused my trouble in Columbus). But I filled out the sheet, mentioning running, hamstrings, a tune up, and some knee issues WHILE running. I did the best I could even though it is not a super regular occurrence.

I was called back after not long at all, and sat in the chair in the doctor's office. We chatted a lot and I told him all about my running. Immediately I felt a slight twinge letting me know that I was not sure about this guy when is started to encourage me to run less saying that it was good that I wasn't going to run any full marathons in 2013 and I was going to focus on shorter distances (to me, this means halfs. To him - 5Ks - Ha!) He even got out his little spine model to show me how all of the jostling will affect my joints! (Because that is solid research from when he was in school?)

Yeah, turn off.

So I got on the table and he checked out my back, hamstrings, knees, etc. He agreed that it was definitely the hamstrings that were the issue and stretched them for me (same stretch Doc showed me, so that was a plus!) and told me that I didn't have any back injuries or anything yet, based on his feel. He adjusted my back quickly (lots of pops in my upper back right around where my breastbone is in the front - I ALWAYS pop there) and he popped my right hip as well (right hammie is by FAR the tighter of the two).

Then he wanted to talk about my "plan." E-stim for three visits (in the next WEEK!) and then follow ups (with e-stim) every month.

And I was done. That is NOT what I want. I want some one to help me keep my hips in the right place and ENCOURAGE my running and my running goals, which he was not.

So I am not going back. My hip feels great right now, but I will be looking for (with Doc's help) someone around here that will show me exactly the right treatment.


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