A Little Shopping and Vegas Goals (???)

After yesterday's home decorating shenanigans, the rest of the day was pretty tame. I went to the mall to return something that I bought for J that I decided was a lamesauce present, I went to target to try and buy him a real present but they were sold out of it.
Dear Target, This game is REALLY IMPORTANT. Please get it back in ASAP. Thanks. PS I am looking on your website right now and it says that you HAVE this game? WTF? Where was it yesterday?

But I did manage to get our Christmas PJs that go along with the matching Christmas PJ tradition that we started last year.
They don't have the Tee that I bought for us online, but suffice to say, it matches. It has Ralphie's head and says "you'll shoot your eye out!"

So I guess that means my shopping trip was semi-successful.

This Friday we leave for Vegas. It is my last long run/race of the year. The Strip at Night Rock-n-Roll Las Vegas. I am running the half marathon. I am not sure on what my goals are for this race yet, since I know it will be really crowded. When I signed up way back in June, I put in 1:55 as an estimated finish pace. At that time, that was a pretty big goal. But now I have gone under that. So I am not sure if I push hard and go for a PR in another half, or if I just relax and run. What would you do?


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