Taper Crazies - 4 days out

A note regarding the half that I posted a race recap for yesterday that turned out to be only 12.66 miles... The race director has been informed and has acknowledged this error. He posted the following on the race's facebook page "Sorry for the course being short today, I was told it was 12.66 miles. Miscommunication with the Dayton Police, ugh. Results are posted: www.keysports.net with your pace measured at 12.66." Following that he came back with this post "In case you want to know: the course was suppose to go north on Edwin Moses Blvd, over the Washington St bridge, onto Veterans Pky and then down onto the recreation trail. Instead you were directed across Stewart St bridge, onto Veterans Pky then to the rec trail." So it is nice to know that it has been acknowledged and it likely will not happen again. I had a great race, and thought the course was beautiful, and I definitely would consider running this again!

We are only 4 days out now from the Columbus Marathon and I am living with the taper crazies on a daily basis. I am beginning to get very nervous for this race and what is to come with it. I am capable. I keep trying to remind myself of all of the time that I have spent on my feet this year. I am trying to remind myself of how many miles I have run, how fast I have gotten, how much time I have spent on the track and that I should be able to reach my goals.

I am trying to focus on other things. I am trying to get an obscene amount of work done as a lot of things have been assigned to me this week. I am trying to work on not getting overrun with POST race things as far as fitness goes (yet) because I want to be able to really work hard to get through this marathon as opposed to forgetting about it and focusing on the "next" thing.

What are your best ways to cope with the "taper crazies"?


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