Taper Brain Causes Too Much

If I wasn't last week - and in a few ways it did not feel like it - I am for certain now into my taper. My plan is to run around 20 miles during the week this week, finish off with a half marathon on Sunday and then coast to race day.

Easier said than done, right? I mean, tapering makes me feel like a slug. I think during taper for the Pig I actually hit the gym a few times to lift HEAVY. I think I might have even done a few of the live-fit workouts at that time. What was I thinking? I wonder now if that was the mental block that I had around mile 10 of the Flying Pig. Weight lifting anxiety.

I have not made that mistake this time around. I set myself a very large goal (a 26 minute PR attempt to get sub-4) and I did not want to screw it up. Therefore, I have been sticking with upper body and core work, mostly. And by that, I pretty much mean push ups and planks. Therefore I am sticking with body weight work so as to not overdo anything, but I am still keeping things strong. This will change (I hope!) once the marathon is over, but for now, I want to stay strong with running.

I am starting to work on post-marathon goals, but I am trying to focus now on the marathon. I feel like I should ignore any "after" thoughts for two more weeks and just focus on this goal. Focus on staying strong and getting what I have worked really hard for.

Today marks the start of me trying to work on my marathon playlist. Right now, I am just going through jog.fm to pull songs that have a good cadence for my goal time. I figure I will pull a lot of music that I like and seems like I might like, more than the 4 hours of music that I want, and then work on the order of the songs and eliminating some. I don't want more than 4 hours of music because I don't want to feel like I have wiggle room.

Yesterday J took the day off work to get some needed rest and to get some things done around the house. He got his run in and cut the grass and went to kroger, although I am not sure what he went for since I had just gone the day before and I didn't see any new food in the fridge. Except one non-food item that was refrigerated:
Hooray! Shock Top Pumpkin beer! I love it. J and I each drank one of these with our dinners last night. I love enjoying the fall seasonal beers. Way better than any other season.

J made a second purchase at Kroger...
I am loved.


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