Running with No Plan

I struggle when I do not have an official goal in front of me. Right now, I don't. I am working out because I love it. However, I struggle to find the motivation when I do not have an "official" training plan. Karen and I made it through all of the Columbus training with runcoach. She loved it to the point of buying it for a year! I would consider it, I think, for the future. But right now, I am kind of trying to get by on my own. Once the first of the year hits, we will get a run group schedule (focusing on the Flying Pig & Flying Pig half) so I will have a little more structure, but until then...

I started working on my own calendar last night. A way to keep my mileage between 20-25 miles per week, fit in some cross training (wow, it has been a while!), and do strength training as well. Since discovering that blog that has the CF workouts on it daily (with at home modifications!) I have been trying to use that as strength training, not to mention for some explosive power (yay jumping!) because that will help with the speed I think. At least eventually it will.

So Monday I got back to the workout grind. I have decided Mondays and Fridays will be crosstraining days, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday are run days, and I will do the Crossfit WODs as time allows. And if it is a run day and the CF workout includes running, I will modify it. (That happened last night!) Here is Monday's breakdown:
The weights are light for right now. I am kind of trying to readjust to strength training again for the first time in a while. I have just not been consistent with it through all of the running. I know that eventually I will not be able to do these WODs at home because I will get stronger and my at home free weights just will not be challenging anymore.

Like I said in my above workout guidelines, Tuesday's are the start of my running week. They are also going to be Tempo Tuesdays!
Yesterday's WOD included running, so I took that out and added KB swings instead. I think I can easily bump up on the weights for both of these workouts, so I am going to maybe start hitting the gym at lunch on some days to do them? That way I will not have to go back after work and it won't interrupt my day with the hubs. :)

What do you do for running when you don't have any race goals?


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