Post Bourbon Hangover

Considering the crazy weekend that I had with lots of running, lots of hills and very little sleep, I think I came off of it pretty well.  I ran after getting home on Sunday (desperately seeking 50 miles for the week!). I have run every day since then as well. My timing has been a little weird with evening runs on both Monday and Wednesday, but normal 4:45 am runs today and Tuesday.

But suffice to say, Monday through Thursday I have run 19 miles. My shortest run was on Monday because I think my legs were a little wiped out from the weekend. And last night I did a quick 6-miler at faster than marathon goal pace (even though I am tapering I am still trying to keep some miles FAST).  As a result of some leg fatigue from running last night around 6 pm, I decided to run easy this morning and turn the beep on my watch off (so I wouldn't even look at it at the mile splits!)
So although the miles were easy, and my average pace was pretty slow, I am always glad to get through them. I am also glad to see a negative split show up on my garmin. That is enough to keep me happy for the day.

It is hard for me to believe that I am already into my taper for Columbus. I am just slightly over 2 weeks out from this race, and I cannot believe that time has gone by so quickly since the Pig. At this time one year ago, I was in the boot, I had registered for my first half marathon (the Glass City in April), and the Pig was becoming a twinkle in my eye from the gal who would become my training partner for that race, Jes.

I have been missing my Bourbon Chase teammates since I left them on Sunday morning. I am in that post race depression state, and I am really hoping that the final PUSH for Columbus gets me out of the rut!


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