New Trial Shoes and a BIG WIN!

I know I have not talked about running too much this week. I have been getting my running done, but runs in general have been rather uneventful. Not doing too much speedwork. Trying to do some runs around maintenance pace, and some runs around marathon pace.

Wednesday I got out and ran at lunchtime. Keep it just faster than marathon goal pace:
Just faster than 9min/mile average pace, which I feel is a pretty good place to be. My A goal for Cbus is under 4 hours (I don't care how much under 4 hours to be honest!) so that averages out to be around a 9:06 pace. I also like the progressive nature of this run. I am pleased with that.

Yesterday I went about my run a little differently. J was not going to be home last night. He had softball (as always on Thursdays!) so I planned to run in the evening and to run with a group. Fleet Feet has a fun run on Thursday night, and the Asics rep was going to be there, so I decided that was definitely the way to go. After all, I am an asics wearer and the new model of my shoes came out in April, and I am on my final of three pairs of them so I need to check out some newer models.

He brought with him the Asics Gel Lyte 33. It was a lighter weight shoe than my standard asics, but I was definitely more than willing to give it a shot on a short run.
It was a super fun shoe based on those colors, and that was pretty much the only bit of reflective stuff I had on, so I was a little grateful for them since I have asked for running safety stuff for Christmas, but obviously do not have any of it yet! I pulled the insoles out of this shoe and put my regular ones in (from the doc) just to be certain of how I was going to go about the run.

I set out with the group and it immediately became apparent that it was not going to be a fun way to go about the run. They had plans of a walk/run and their run pace was a 10:20 mile. Now, I am a HUGE advocate of the walk run for some, but it is not for me, and not good when I really need to get quality miles since the quantity is not there right now. So I stuck with them for 3 minutes until they got to their first walk break, and then I took off. I ran in these shoes for 4 miles, and honestly, felt pretty awesome. I was not experiencing any of the shin pain that I have been having when wearing my normal kicks, which was definitely awesome.

I am not entirely sure that the deal is with the shin pain. I am kind of wondering if it has to do with the fact that I am alternating between styles of shoes, which also alters my form a bit. I am definitely much better about running "properly" midfoot strike and all that, when I am running in my Newtons and when I ran in the above shoes than when I am running in my Cumulus. I probably just should have asked the folks while I was at the running store.

Uh, also, this happened last night:
#MustSeeJV. We'll see ya'll in the ALCS.


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