Mile Markers: In Review

I have joined an online blogger bookclub. This is being run by Jamie of From Couch to Ironwoman - Jamie just ran her first marathon a few weeks back. Check her out!

This bookclub is going to be focused on running books which is a good thing since that is the majority of what I have been reading anyway! The first month's selection was Mile Markers by Kristin Armstrong.
I actually read this book over the summer and just revisited a few of my favorite chapters from it for the club to address in my review. My copy of the book does not look like the above, however, it looks like this instead:
That is the cover on my kindle. Red. Duh. And now that I have it, I rarely buy books that are in paper format. I love the kindle! I recommend it if you are thinking about it, even if you "like the feel of paper in your hands". That was my logic and actually HAVING the kindle blew that feeling away. It it the best! I took 15 books on vacation and only 1 of them was actually taking up space in my carry on.

Sorry for the side note, I just figured everyone would want to know about my undying love for my kindle.

So Mile Markers has 26.2 chapters, and each one is focused on a different subject. I feel like it is kind of relating your home life/work life/ running life all into one. But since this is a running book, it uses running terms to do so.

Chapter (or Mile Marker) 8 is entitled "Endurance." I am getting ready for my second marathon on October 21, and this was one of the chapters that I really put my heart into, since I do not want to have issues with my own endurance here in a week.

This chapter talks about Kristin doing a fun run with her kids (I am really hoping this is in the cards for me in the future!) and the fine line that you walk between encouraging them and coddling them. Not to mention the fact that she has to split her attention between 3 kids and give them all support and encouragement. I think that is the thing about running. That is the thing that I have learned and I have enjoyed. Throughout my life I have been "pretty good" at a lot of things. Decent enough to make teams as a high schooler, earn roles in plays, be sorta pretty, get pretty good grades, but never was I "great" at anything. Jack of all Trades, Master of None. That ABSOLUTELY describes me.

Running works for people who are like me. I know that I will never be an elite runner. I know that I likely will never BQ. But there is ALWAYS room for improvement in running, and you are only needing to focus on beating YOU. And that is someone that I can beat. Again and again.

Maybe someday I will earn that BQ. Maybe someday I can be the "fast friend" but for now, I am enjoying myself. I am feeling strong. I am avoiding stress (or running it out when it comes!) and I can't ask for more than that. Thanks to Kristin Armstrong for that reminder.


  1. Great review Emily! Thanks for participating in the book club! I'm excited to see what everyone else thinks too.

    I'm still not swayed to buy a Kindle, yet, I'm too hooked on holding paper :)

  2. Good luck with your marathon, Emily--you'll rock it! I read "Mile Markers" for Jamie's book club too, and I agree that there's always room for improvement in running; it's a great metaphor for life, really. I'll be surprised if I ever BQ, but if I can wake up and be a better runner--and a better person--than I was yesterday, then that's my personal "BQ."


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