Less about Running, more about Skittles

Sometimes when you are tapering and therefore feeling stressed out (and you cannot alleviate it by running!) plus some busy things are going on at work, this happens:
I needed to taste the rainbow a little bit yesterday. It was just a little fun size bag. And yes, I always eat my skittles in that fashion. I dump out the entire bag and sort them by color. And I eat the purple ones first. And yes, once at my last job (which was well over 2 years ago now!) I dumped one of those three lb bags on my desk to sort it. And I put it in dixie cups and ate them over a several week period. No wonder when they were trying to cut people I made the list. Lol.

Like you might have noticed yesterday, taper gives me the crazies a little bit. I begin to feel rather anxious during taper and I have a ton of extra energy that I need to get out. Unfortunately for me, I had already run yesterday in the morning, so I had to forgo running again (trust me, I thought long and hard about doing it anyway!) in favor of a little packet of skittles.

When I got home last night, I prepared my very first Dream Dinners meal. You might remember that it is on my 30 before 30 list, and I made it over there last week to get my first 18 meals (each meal comes with 3 servings - one for me, one for J, and one for my lunch the next day!) so I had chosen 6 items to try. Yesterday we did Mexican Meatballs, which is actually one of the only ones that Karen had not tried previously (she is the one who got me thinking about Dream Dinners):
There they are ready to go into the oven! When they were done cooking (35 minutes @ 375*), we served them like tacos on warm tortillas with a bit of cheese! They were pretty delicious. Veggies on the side!


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