Just Couldn't Stay Away

Okay, I can't stay away for too long. I took Monday off completely from exercise. I didn't even go and walk around my office building like I sometimes do. (Once, I wore my garmin. Each lap around the building is just over a quarter of a mile.) When I woke up Tuesday, my knee pain was nearly gone (now, WTF? I can't get through 13 more miles, but after 1 DAY of rest it starts to feel better?!?) but it was feeling a little stiff. All of these things are great signs, I believe. As it turns out, maybe icing helps!

So when I got home from work, I decided to test things out a little. And just see. See how my knee felt, see how things were doing, so I got myself out there and decided to try a little at home WOD style circuit. I modified something that I had seen online and decided to set it up so I could just give it a number so if I do it again, I can easily compare what I did to see if I am improving. Here it is!

I did this workout of 5 rounds with 90 seconds on, and 30 seconds rest in between sets. I needed those 30 seconds, especially after the jump rope rounds. I was much more ON with the jump rope than I expected to be, so that is good. So I just counted the reps that I did during those 90s (and the plank counted as 1, assuming I didn't fall. If my knees hit the ground - they didn't! - then it was a zero). Then I added 15 for the 15 lb KB and 30 for the free weights (15 lbs per hand) that I used for the upright row. That was how I came up with 893 for my total score. I want to beat it next time!

Apparently it was a pretty good workout. I woke up this morning and my upper back (as a result of the rows) was hurting. I am glad for that, because as all of you know, I have been slacking off on the strength training, big time, in favor of getting more miles.

This is a reflection of my still uncertain next fitness goals. I have no idea what I want to do next. I am not ready to train for another full marathon. This is because I think I am mentally NOT THERE yet. I don't know when I will be there again. So I don't want to push myself to do that when I am not feeling it. I am sure that it will come back, but I need to give myself a break. At least for a full season. So for sure NO SPRING MARATHON, and we shall see what happens otherwise.


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