Frankenmuth 2012

On Saturday morning after my run, I got dressed and ready for my Aunt, sister and cousin to arrive at my mom's house. My sister was coming by herself. My aunt was picking up her daughter on her way in and then we would be hitting the road for the annual Bronner's/Frankenmuth trip. So at my mom's, things have always been a little Christmas intense. Ha. By that, I mean, we always had a VERY decorated house. My mom had one of those villages. We had a 9 foot tall REAL Christmas tree. My mom actually replaced the framed pictures on the walls with framed Christmas pictures. So yeah, intense.

Most of her family is the same way. I guess that is why we have the house to house Christmas party every year (I promise there will be a better entry on that this year!) And that is also why we do this trip year after year and always manage to see/do something new and different.

Here are some pics at Bronner's. Nothing specific, but just to give you an idea of the magnitude of Christmas awesomeness we are talking about here.

I took those pictures fro Karen so she could see it. I wanted her to come with us, but with Bradley being a baby and with her being gone overnight the weekend before (in Columbus) she didn't feel like she could do it. Maybe next year.

Here are some interesting facts about the business:

  • Bronner's was opened in 1945 by Wallace "Wally" Bronner, then only 17
  • In 1951, he was looking for window displays for the holidays, found other business people searching for the same, and hired his first full time staff member to help him meet these needs
  • By 1971, there were 3 Bronner's locations in Frankenmuth
  • in 1977, Bronner's moved to it's current location, consolidated, and was on 25 Christmas Lane
  • in May of 2005, the final (most recent) expansion opened, making this location a total size of 5.5 football fields
  • Bronner's features over 50,000 trims and gifts
  • Bronner's commerical decorations supplies cities, malls and businesses
  • Bronner's retail supplies stores and shops for resale
  • Here you can find out more about Wally.
  • Bronner's supplies the Santa suit annually for the White House Christmas Party
While we were there, I purchased a Christmas gift for Angela and Mark (Jason's sister and her husband), Stephanie, Karen, Alyssa (my sister's stepdaughter), a Rudolf figurine (my sister bought the same one - and 
they also have Clarice, the Bumble, Hermy, Yukon Cornelius, and Santa - which gives us the perfect opportunity to get something for ourselves every year) and my mom got me an ornament, as she always does. It is a tradition. I understand that a basket of blueberries may not be the most traditionally Christmas ornament, but I just LOVE the fruits and veggies ones. They have always been my favorite, ever since my first Old World Christmas ornament (it was an orange slice - see? fruits and veggies!)

Other stops on our trip yielded a Christmas gift for my Grandmother, and one for Trent, Rachel's step son. So I would say that I had an incredibly successful trip, with limited purchases for myself (hooray! I am working on it!) I feel like I am really pretty close to being done with Christmas as of right now. I still need to get out my Christmas notebook and see what I have and write it all down. That way it will be easier for me to see everything, but I think I am getting close, and it is not even November yet!


  1. I am so totally NOT ready to think about Christmas yet lol! I'm a last minute type of person, no matter how hard I try, I'm out there the last week before Christmas, decorating, shopping wrapping, everything. Nice that you come from a family that makes a big deal about it. And Early!


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