Fall Celebration and a Half Marathon

Sorry everyone. I decided to take a blogging break over the weekend. I just had a lot going on, and so, this got left behind! But I had a great weekend overall, and I am glad to have had it, whether I was writing or not. It was just nice.

I had plans with some old friends that I had not seen in quite a while on Friday night.
(Not from Friday - from my wedding - but it does give you an idea of the two ladies that I am talking about!)

It has been an obscenely long time since the three of us hung out in old time manner. The last time I got together with them there were a few stragglers that I just could not get used to. I know that there are always going to be new friends added to the group, but that day I just could not take it. Basically a friend (not pictured above) sells Premier jewelry and she was busting out her catalog and trying to make sales at our girls night out. So I needed a night with just these two. That is Lara on the left and Julie in the middle, and we met when we all were involved with a production of Oklahoma!

The three of us met at the Wine Guy Bistro to share some reds (we always go red) and a few dishes.
We had a great evening, and I did not get home until almost 11 pm (which is really too late for me!) but I guess everything was worth it. Next time we get together we are planning on a little workout (probably just a walk) and cooking at home because we can make it cheaper and healthier. I mentioned my spaghetti squash success and it sounds like we are putting that on the menu!

On Saturday I had made plans with Karen. We were heading out to Irons Fruit Farm for a little pumpkin picking and apple hunting. Bradley came with us.
Look how cute he is looking like a farmer in his flannel! He is my adopted nephew. I have officially decided that.

We had a lovely time at the farm. I bought a bag of apples, a pumpkin for J and I to carve, some apple butter, a cider donut (my afternoon snack), an apple fritter (J's afternoon snack), and a carmel apple. I did my best to get everything that J was interested in getting, I was hoping to make him feel interested in coming to the fruit farm at some point in time. I know that once we have kids it will work out just fine. But until then, I am not sure that I can convince him that going to a farm is a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than watching a football game.

When I got home, J and I went out to dinner at Tap House, as usual. The Buckeyes, Bearcats, and Tigers all were playing in the evening and so being at the bar was kind of ideal. That way were would not have to play channel changer all evening going between games during the commercials. I, of course, would have been more than happy to exclusively watch the Tigers game, but J needed the Buckeyes, and having the Bearcats was just a nice bonus.

On Sunday Karen and I ran a half marathon. Full update from that later on. 


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