Easing Back into my Comfort Zone

(You know, that comfort zone where I get to RUN!)

My knee has been feeling pretty good the last few days. The pain is gone and the tightness is going away as well. I have been stretching daily. Icing twice per day. Wearing the knee sleeve (you may remember them from early in Pig training) when I work out. It has only been a few days since the disaster that was the Cbus marathon, but my legs are ITCHING to run. I cannot wait to get back out there (which is why I have been so zealous - is that a word or is it only "overzealous" - with my recovery and healing). I don't even know what I am planning on doing next at this point, but I am ready for SOMETHING.

And so I decided to give it a try with the day's WOD from Crossfit Mamas. Here is my workout.
And I ran the 2000m in 10:25. That is an 8:19 pace. What? The running felt really good too. Much better than the cleans with 30# - lol.

Today things are feeling even better than they did yesterday. I am hoping to get out for a run this evening again. We shall see how it goes. I think that this week will be used to experiment a little bit. And then maybe after that I can start hammering out some goals. I hope. Because I tend to flounder with none.


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