Columbus (Half) Marathon: The "Before"

And it is over. It went absolutely NOTHING like I envisioned, despite the fact that it started out perfectly. I will detail the weekend soon, but this post is about the race. And all things RUNNING.

J and I were staying in the Marriott at the Columbus Airport along with Karen and her mom. We had arrived Saturday and had dinner, checked out the expo, etc. But Sunday our day started early, with the alarm going off at 5:25 am. The corrals opened downtown at 6, closed at 7 and the race was to start at 7:30 am.

After waking up, I started to get dressed. I had laid out my race outfit the night before and J's too, and was shocked at the differences in the involvement of women's running ensembles and men's. I mean, YES, I was wearing a more involved outfit than I have at races past, but there are definitely more things involved in my usual prep than his. I taped up my shins since they have been giving me a few problems, and slid my red ProCompression Marathon Socks on over the tape. I put on my shorts (I was wearing compression shorts for this race) and my sports bra and then made my breakfast. I had packed a cinnamon raisin bagel thin for both J and I along with some peanut butter. He didn't want one, so I repacked his.

I ate my bagel and finished dressing and drank some coffee (yay for decent coffee in my hotel room!) before we were heading downstairs to meet Karen. We were driving her down to the start and her mom was going to come and meet up with her husband later to see her at the finish and stuff.

I am not sure if I mentioned this previously, but Karen and I order custom sleeveless tech shirts for the race from One More Mile. I cannot recommend them enough if you want a custom shirt for a race. They are the company at expos that has awesome shirts that say things like "If Found on the Marathon Course, Please Return to the Bar" and "I love Running, Except When I am doing it" (one I almost bought at the expo, because that completely describes me!) We were able to get shirts within a theme of each other, but we each got the style we wanted, it said what we wanted in the colors we wanted.
 Yep, I run for beer. Duh. With a little bit of inspiration on the back. Side note: Karen has a 20 week old baby, Bradley. I know I have posted pictures of him, etc, in the past, but he is 20 weeks old and Karen is Running.A.Marathon. Hello? Amazing! And yes, Sparkle Skirts are amazing and very fun to run in!

Karen's mom took the above pictures of us and then headed back to bed. We loaded up in the car and J drove us downtown, the same way that he had gotten all of us there the night before. We didn't even need the directions this time. We found a parking lot that was only $5 for the entire day, and got parked. We were checking out the intersection that we were at, and Karen announced "4th and Long" which of course, Jason was like "I like it!" and we knew that he would not forget that one.

We walked to the start. Used the port-o-lets and I said goodbye and good luck to J as he headed further down the row of  corrals. Admittedly, when I hugged him (SUPER TIGHT) I started to cry a little. My favorite guy... running his first half... so so proud. lol. After he walked away, Karen snapped me out of it. "hey - no tears." she said. I nodded, pulled myself together, and we made our way into corral C.

I will write about the actual RACE tomorrow!


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