Bourbon Chase 2012 - Part III

So as I said, we were planning on meeting early in the morning at 4 Roses to start our final leg.
Lucky for us, since it was so early in the morning (and we had run through the night - this was not a problem at Jim Beam the previous day), instead of just having a little taste of the Bourbon, they provided us with a different way to try it!
Oh yes, Bourbon truffles. They were super delicious but very intense. They were just so rich! But much easier to try the bourbon in this format first thing in the morning that drink it, so I was glad about that. This way I still get to say that I tried it, whereas if it had just been a cup, I might have skipped out.

Just a little while later, Sarah was off, which meant less than 15 miles until I was running my third, final, and longest leg of the relay. Parking at 4 Roses was a little bit of a cluster. Not because they didn't have the space, because they had plenty of space. But we had been dealing with a decent amount of rain so the field that they had us park in was a MUD PIT. Our driver, Ben, was super skilled, so we had no issues at all with the mud, but we did watch people get stuck and slide around a lot.

We made our exchange with Erin and Sarah and headed off to the last Distillery before our final major exchange.
Wild Turkey. In reality, I honestly had not though too much about Wild Turkey prior to this race. It was one of those Bourbons that was not necessarily of the highest quality (I mean, it is less expensive at the liquor store, so it must not be, right?) so it just was not on my list of must tries for the weekend. However, a lot of that changed when I arrived there, just because the set up was so great.

Wild Turkey had a very large parking area (even for all of our giant vans) and a trailer with port-o-lets in it (along with three others, to ensure there were enough!) which was nice right upfront! In their tasting room, they had multiple kinds of Bourbon to taste, and even bourbon slushies (well, they were non-alcoholic, but you could dump your bourbon sample in the slushie.

I decided to keep the honey theme of my bourbon tasting going when it was available, so I went with Wild Turkey's American Honey. Holy smokes was this good. I figure that was a good choice for breakfast. Haha. It is kind of like tea, right? The folks that were behind the bar in the tasting room where also super nice and willing to chat with us about any questions that we had regarding their bourbons and the processes used in distilling, etc. I really do find that super interesting (have you ever seen the Modern Marvels on distilleries? I have watched it at least 6 times).

This particular exchange was also cool, because both the second and the third runner got to run on the grounds of the distillery a little bit. And the Wild Turkey people at the exchange had these gobblers (ok, that is what I called them) at the exchange point as a special way of cheering on the runners. They were basically turkey calls, I guess. And the runner (Runner 2 - Erin) got a special gift for finishing there! She got a flask with the logo of the distillery on it. Let's be honest, that is pretty nice!

We hung out there waiting for Erin to get in (so Tracy could take off!) for a little while. We had gotten at least a smidge of sleep in the van, so we all were out of the van checking things out while we were there. We also took this awesome picture.
Sarah and I on the turkey rocking horses and Tracy between us wearing her butt (she ran in it for this leg!) And shortly after that, Tracy was off (and I was up next!)

At the next exchange point, I got out of the van by myself. The parking for this one was about half a mile from the actual exchange, so I got out of the van and they went to park. I felt like I was there for a really long time. It looked like it might rain a little, and I was pretty chilly (no longer wearing my fleece at this point) and looking forward to getting this show on the road. Here is my final leg:
This Ain't France - It's Ver-Sales. It ended in Versailles. And FYI, it was actually around 7.7 miles, not 7.5. And as it says, it definitely was a beautiful leg through horse country. I was seeing all of the estates and stuff of the thoroughbred farms everywhere, which was wonderful, when I could focus on it. Those rolling hills might not have been as steep as the hills in leg 1, but since they were constant I felt them!

It was on this leg that I finally got my first kill of the race. It was a woman who was running on an all-women's team (like I said, there were seriously NO GUYS running leg 4!) and she told me as I ran past that she had a cramp. I am going with, "no she didn't, I am awesome!", on that one. We had to provide volunteers for the race since someone lives within 100 miles of some part of the course, so it was at this exchange that Tom's (my boss) dad was working. It was extra fun because he knew who I was when I came in and was cheering for me and stuff, so that was very exciting. I ran this leg in an average of 9 minute miles.

At this point, I was ridiculously pleased with myself. You can tell that by the grin on my face!

The final stop on our tour to wait for Jen was Woodford Reserve.
I sort of felt bad at this point. Woodford was open for the day (it was afternoon on a Saturday, so people wanted to take tours of the distillery) and there are hundreds of big white vans there and 6 times more smelly sweaty runners. But I am sure Woodford likes having that many people come through their distillery and seeing everything (not to mention buying things in their gift shop!) or else they would stick to their regular tour business and the exchange point would be somewhere else, right?

When Jen finished there was some Van 1 celebrating since all 6 of us (+Ben) had run our legs!
Things were rather uneventful after that. We went to Jen's hotel room that she and Ben were staying in for the night and showered and fell asleep before heading down to the finish line to meet our team for a one final finish together!
Van 1 at the finish line.
Whole team!

And we did it! We finished as a team in 33:15. Yes, not fast at all, but it was an under 10 min/mile average, and we had estimated a bit slower than that!  We were super proud and are already looking forward to doing it again!


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