Bourbon Chase 2012 - Part II

When I left off, we were at Maker's Mark and I bought myself a souvenir. The part about makers that I forgot to mention was the tasting! Maker's did not just serve us a half oz of bourbon like the other distilleries, they created a little cocktail that is going to be the official drink of Keeneland racetrack this fall season (this coming weekend is the first weekend that Keeneland is open for the fall), the Keeneland Breeze!

Keeneland Breeze
1 part Maker's Mark
1 splash orange liquor
fill with ginger ale and a squeeze of orange juice
garnish with a slice of orange

It was pretty delicious! So if you are not necessarily a bourbon drinker (I definitely was NOT), I recommend giving this drink a whirl.

After we left Maker's, we had around 5 hours to go until our next legs were starting. Van 2 was out there busting their butts for the first time, so we got to relax for a little while. We decided to head over to Lebanon KY to find some dinner. It was a little tricky to get around because Ham Days was going on.
But we ended up finding an Italian place that had everyone satisfied. The food was good, it was not too expensive, and it filled us up with real food for the first time all day! After we finished eating, we decided to head to the next main exchange and camp out in a parking lot and try and get a little sleep. We ended up in a parking lot near a little church, and that was where we chose to stay. There were a few other vans there, and they had a lot going on in the street.

It was not too long before Sarah was getting out of the van, getting ready to run again! This was going to be our night time running legs. It was already dark by the time we got to the exchange point, and Sarah had on her required safety gear. Required safety gear for this particular relay was a headlamp, a red blinky light for your back, and a reflective vest. I own zero safety gear, so I was trading with the rest of my team. This race made me feel a little bit more like I want to own a little bit of safety gear though. I think I am going to purchase myself a headlamp, a vest, etc. so I do not need to worry about it next time.

Eventually, it was my turn to run. My exchange point for starting was at a small church on KY 150. Which is a pretty major highway! There was 4 lanes of traffic and I even crossed over that traffic. I ran most of my leg on the shoulder of this highway in the dark. I ended up losing my headband at one point in time, and now that I am sporting bangs, no headband kind of stinks! So I ended up adjusting my headlamp to work as a headband. It worked well enough, I suppose. My route had a bit more of the rolling hills in this leg. It was longer than my first leg, but not necessarily easier. Again, I saw zero other women on the course, and I was passed by MANY men that were quick. Here is my leg:
I had some trouble with the file conversion this time, but suffice to say, it was 6.5 miles in the middle of the night. I finished around 1 am. The garmin actually only clocked 6.2 miles though. Hmm...  I think I am going to update my daily mile based on that.

My leg finished in the small town of Stanford. Stanford eventually won the award for most community spirit for the Bourbon Chase. There were various places in the little downtown that stayed open to provide food and beverages for the runners and one of their town buildings even stayed open and had free cocoa and coffee! Andrew ran next, it was a long, dark leg. And then Jen ran and we went to Danville KY to wait for her.
That is a building in Danville. Andrew was a little iphone camera crazy during this race, and he was very proud because the Chase kept retweeting all of his pictures! When Jen arrived in Danville, we took a quick team photo.
We then headed back to our van to get some sleep. We were scheduled to meet Van 2 at Four Roses at 8:00 am! (we were to start running around 8:30, but just to ensure we were there on time...) See you in part III!


  1. Your run times were almost the same as my van, we started at 10:30 am too. Our last leg also started around 8:30. Weird! I'm not a bourbon drinker at all, but maybe that drink would do it for me.


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