A Chat with the Coach

Sorry for the lack of weekend posting. Someday I will be on top of things enough to get weekend posts written in advance so if I feel like ignoring my computer for the weekend, I can, and a post will still go up! But for now, this is how I roll.

I ended up being able to leave work early on Friday (YESS!!!) so at around 11:30 I met someone for lunch and that was it for the day! My lunch meeting was with Brett, who is the coach for the run group that I have been training with for the past year. I had emailed him earlier in the week asking him if he could meet up, and when he offered me Friday, I took it! I just felt like I needed to meet up with him to kind of chat about my race (since I was so down about it) and kind of reaffirm the growth that I have done over the last year as a runner. Admittedly, and you all have seen it, I have felt pretty down since the marathon, or lack thereof, this past weekend. I wrestled all last week with feeling like a failure, especially when my knee felt good to go after just 2 days!

The lunch was pretty good. I didn't get around to hammering out any actual official goals at that time, but I felt a little bit more confident. Brett told me about a time when he injured his knee playing hockey and was going to run a marathon 6 weeks later. He ended up pulling out after only 1 mile. I know that stinks, but hearing it from him made me feel a little bit better. I mean, it always helps to hear that someone that you look up to has suffered from some of the same issues as you, right?

But we chatted about some things that I had been thinking about, some things that I had forgotten about as well, and when I left panera around 12:30, I felt better about myself and my running than I had all week. And thank goodness too. I needed a little confidence boost as I am going to be trying to plan out 2013 and all of my goals related to that year here soon.

I drove home after our lunch, and got to my dad's house around 4:45 pm. We hung out for a while and watched the news on his couch before heading out to dinner to Jed's, which is my favorite Toledo Sports Bar. We watched a little of the college football game that was on, and were amused at the Halloween costumes worn by the waitresses. A slutty Alice from Alice in Wonderland waited on us. And with my dad and I, the extra cleavage and leg did not result in a larger tip. Lol. But I am sure that her other tables were a bit more interested than we were!

After dinner, I went to my mom's. I was sleeping there since we were planning on leaving her house around 8 am for Frankenmuth! I got up early and was out the door by 6:30 am to get my run in.
Not bad, not bad, and I was definitely pleased with the negative splits. Plus, no knee pain at all on this run! No knee pain AT ALL is a huge deal. I have been having it kind of on and off for the majority of my training cycle, so I was really happy.

I also found this picture at my mom's. Sorry for the crappy quality, but it is a phone picture of a picture.
Look! It's me! I was running ON A TEAM! Lol. I am guessing I am about 7 in this picture. I don't think I ran on the cross country team much after that.

I will update further about the trip later or tomorrow. Suffice to say, it was successful!


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