A 10K PR? Does this count?

Another week of marathon training long runs has come and gone. I will talk about the week's training tomorrow, but today was another long run, and I was pleased with it.

J is out of town again this weekend, he is on his final golf weekend of 2012. He even asked permission to go. I gave him an all clear on that since who knows what will happen with him and golf once we have little J's running around here! I figured he could have one weekend more where I didn't get to spend it with him! I mean, last weekend when he was out of town, it did not really feel like I was home alone since I was travelling for the majority of it as well. Last night I was feeling a little anxious being on my own. Not sure what anxiety came in, but I am sure it was mostly just a little fear about sleeping alone in my big old house. What if someone came to get me?

I got up at 6 this morning (no one came to get me) with my pups. We went outside and I made a bagel and peanut butter for breakfast, well, a bagel thin (cinnamon raisin!) with peanut butter. I also had a cup of coffee.  I am testing out some different food choices and stuff before the marathon. I figured today's longish run would be a good test, especially since we were planning on racing a little during the run!

I met Karen at Buckeye at 7:15-ish. Our plan was 7:30, but then when we both got there early, we decided to head out for our run. Our plan was to do around 8 miles, then back to the store to run a 10K, then head back out for the last few miles. We didn't know how much the "last few miles" were going to be, it kind of depended on how we felt after the 10K. We were unsure if we were planning on racing it or not when we first arrived.

We both wound up hammering the 10K, Karen even more so than me. I ran it in 51:06 and Karen in less that 47 minutes! It was not an official race though, no bibs or anything, it was the Women's Health Run 10 Feed 10.

What do you think? Does my PR count?


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