3 Days Out, And NO BEER

So J and I have gone out to dinner twice this week so far. We went on Tuesday to BW3 for our weekly date night. It was actually a bit more date-like than it usually is at BW3 because J actually sat at the table with me the entire time. Normally when we go to BWs, J plays Golden Tee until our meal comes and then he sits and we are so focused on food we never talk to each other. That's terrible for a date, isn't it?

But when we went on Tuesday night, the tables over by the Golden Tee machine (that we usually sit at) were all full! Maybe it was that we were getting there a little bit later than usual or maybe it was because it was "wing night" and we usually go on "boneless night" but J was pretty peeved about us not getting our regular table. It honestly made me laugh. But then we had a very attentive server who kept his beer full, and he seemed to calm down a bit about it.

I, on the other hand, was facing day one of taper lameness. And by that I mean my usual at BW3 was changed.
Water with my wings please! No miller lite for me this week. I have made the decision that I am not drinking at all this week. I just want to be as prepared as possible for the race (and maybe then a post-race beer will taste even MORE delicious) and so I am cutting it out. I am working hard to stay super hydrated as well. So I am being a good girl and sticking to water. I cannot say that for J obviously. I figure he will skip beer on Saturday during the Buckeyes game (which is a pretty big deal to him!) but that is it. For the Pig I only skipped Saturday and had a beer or two when we were out on Friday before, so I am trying something different.

Last night was double date night and once again, NO BEER! This time Leah was drinking beer (and actually finished a beer, which seems abnormal) and so I really wanted one.

But I am hoping that cutting it out completely for the entire week leading up to the race (rather than just the day before) will make a difference in how I feel on race day. Cross those fingers!


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